Participating in RapidPro 2020 means you will have the opportunity to present your innovations, products, and brand to a very specific target audience: engineers, product developers, R&D managers/employees, designers and purchasers with an interest in product development, prototyping, additive & rapid manufacturing and customized production, and on-demand & flexible production.

As an exhibitor, you can choose from an extensive range of stand and presentation possibilities. You will also have the opportunity to share your knowledge at the trade fair conference. 

We have updated the exhibition floor and divided it in the following theme’s:

  • 3D-Design, 3D-Simulation, 3D-Scanning, 3D-Software, Analysis, Measurement & Validation
  • Service providers: 3D printing, CNC Milling, Rapid Prototyping, (low volume) Series Production, Modelling
  • (AM) Hardware and equipment manufacturers & distributors
  • Post production, post processing & materials
  • Walk of Fame: Area of Innovation (start-ups + new introductions)

Following the new and improved lay-out of the event floor, familiar stands have been removed and new opportunities have arisen. We would like to offer a new space within the theme that suits you best and we are more than willing to discuss the possibilities.

Yes, i'm interested in exhibiting

Participation includes:

  • leased use of floorspace for the duration of the fair
  • leased use of system walls, 250 cm high,  maximum construction height is 250 cm
  • fascia/plint along the corridors (not compulsory) 
  • 1 logo sign
  • furniture: 1 table (120x80 cm) and 2 chairs  or 1 bar table (Ø 80 cm) and 2 barstools
  • illumination: one light spot for every 3 m2 
  • wifi-internet, electrical outlets (230V) and electricity use for lighting and other 230V equipment (3 kW)
  • carpeting • free parking 
  • daily cleaning of your stand
  • free coffee, tea, soda, lunch and exhibitors dinner 
  • networking drink for exhibitors and their relations
  • presentation of a lecture in compliance to standards
  • extensive media campaigns and profiling of your company

Yes, i'm interested in exhibiting on RapidPro. Please contact me.

RapidPro deelnemen

Warning for exhibitors

We regularly hear stories from our exhibitors about so-called international “publishers” who use forms they have been sent to suggest that they are affiliated with a trade fair that they are taking or have taken part in. Some examples of these so-called “publishers” are: 

  • Expo-Guide
  • Fair Expo
  • Fair Guide
  • Event Fair
  • International Fairs Directory

To be clear, there is no cooperation or affiliation whatsoever between Mikrocentrum and these organizations. Please be vigilant and do not sign any forms, as these documents often turn out to be unwanted multi-year contracts. If you have any questions, you can contact Mikrocentrum by phoning Hans Houdijk at +31 40 296 99 22.