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RapidPro is the ideal starting point for the exchange of knowledge and experience. The event offers a unique possibility for exhibitors to present their products and services to potential clients and partners. 

RapidPro  is divided into two areas:

  • RapidPro Industrial: everything for B2B applications
  • RapidPro Home Professional: services and equipment for the home professional


Exhibitors of Rapid Pro Industrial are:
  • Suppliers of 3D printers and scanning and measuring equipment for B2B applications
  • Suppliers of materials for the industrial market
  • Software suppliers
  • Service providers for making high quality prototypes and (small series of) products:
    • Additive manufacturing
    • CNC milling
    • Casting
    • Vacuum forming
    • Thermal forming
  • Service providers of scanning and measuring
  • Service providers of surface treatment and finishing processes
  • Product developers
  • Knowledge-based institutions
  • Research centres


Exhibitors of RapidPro Professional are:
  • Suppliers of 3D printers, scanners, materials and services for professionals
  • Artists, designers and design agencies

 Els van de Ven

Would you like to exhibit at RapidPro 2016? Please contact Els van de Ven, manager of RapidPro.

Tel: +31 (0)40-2969922,
E-mail e.ven@mikrocentrum.nl