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Photos taken on the first dat of RapidPro / Virtual (R)evolution:

DSC00163 SmallDSC00173 SmallDSC00181 SmallDSC00183 SmallDSC00187 SmallDSC00191 SmallDSC00194 SmallDSC00198 SmallDSC00204 SmallDSC00207 SmallDSC00238 SmallDSC00249 SmallDSC00280 SmallDSC00287 SmallDSC00291 SmallDSC00294 SmallDSC00320 SmallDSC00350 SmallDSC00353 SmallDSC00359 SmallDSC00366 SmallDSC00369 SmallDSC00378 SmallDSC00394 SmallDSC00396 SmallDSC00412 SmallDSC00413 SmallDSC00419 SmallDSC00443 SmallDSC00452 SmallDSC00781 SmallDSC00788 SmallDSC00822 SmallDSC00829 SmallDSC00835 SmallDSC00862 SmallDSC00873 SmallDSC00881 SmallDSC00893 SmallDSC00901 Small