• 15:45-16:00

Multi material 3D Printing with Photopolymers

  • Margot Segers
  • Brightlands Materials Center

Vat photopolymerization, in comparison to other additive manufacturing methods, offers advantages such as a high printing resolution, good surface quality and a high building speed. In spite of these advantages, and all the well-known benefits AM has to offer, it is still not used to its full potential. With important exceptions in the dental and medical field, vat photopolymerization is still mainly applied for gadgets and prototypes. To make the transition from a production method of prototypes to a production method of functional parts, the ability to combine multiple materials in one print job is desirable. To create new functionality in a product by combining different materials, the range of functional photopolymer resins needs to be increased.

This presentation gives an overview of the work performed on photopolymer resins with added functionality at Brightlands Materials Center and explains our vision on multi material printing with photopolymers.