• 11:45-12:10

An industrial Design Case of a “Large” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Frame for Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Felix Radisch MSc
  • Altair Engineering GmbH

Process efficiency and material development is key in design of a industrial applications in AM. Products become more complex, requirements tougher, development cycles shorter, so new methods must be introduced. Simulation-driven design has become indispensable to meet these manufacturing constraints and assure success. Altairs goal is making performance and cost-saving accessible in early stages of decision-making. The power of this method is: from-design-to-print-ready-model,  and demonstrated by innovatve cases as  a large UAV metal-frame. Efficient designs are crucial in metal-printing whith large build volumes. Efficiency in material usage is essential to reduce costs. Synthesizing the most efficient design is difficult, many aspects are considered (build-support structure, structural-integrity…). The UAV project demonstrates the capabilities of the Aeroswift machine (metal powder-bed fusion-printer) in printing “large” parts and shows how topology-optimization is applied in a design which utilises material most efficiently.