• 16:15-16:30

Printing a better World with Multi Material 3D Jetting

  • Kateryna Filippovych
  • Océ
  • René van der Meer
  • Océ

The EFRO subsidized project Multi Material 3D Fieldlab (MM3D Fieldlab) is working on an approach to 3D print artificial colored teeth for dentures and crowns.

Currently all dental 3D printers are mono colour. With our partners we are investigating the feasibility 3D printed realistic dental prostheses combining transparency and colour. Potentially it will make a perfect smile available for everyone. Other Multi Material 3D applications could be BIO medical certified prostheses like facial or skull reconstructions, noses and even eyes. MM3D has other advantages like less waste and less post processing. It makes it possible to set-up local economies and saves CO2 and transportation cost. It is also valuable for Industry 4.0.