• 11:45-12:10

Optimizing Metal AM Parts for Automotive and Aerospace

  • Robin Huizing BSc
  • Additive Industries on behalf of Altair Engineering GmbH

Topology Optimization and Metal Additive Manufacturing mutually benefit each other.
Topology Optimization’s main objective is to lightweight parts. Additional benefits in Metal AM when you reduce volume are reduced print times, which results in lower costs. Since print times and scan areas are reduced also the risk of build failures is lowered. Finally material is reduced which benefits the business case and ecological footprint. Additive Manufacturing in return offers the perfect production technology for the organically shaped features produced through Topology Optimization.
In many cases AM is the only realistic option since added complexity comes with no extra cost. In the presentation we will have a look at the workflow from CAD file to optimization to Additive Manufacturing and post-processing of your metal part.