• 15:35-16:00

Validation and printing of a Steering Support with PRO M

  • Dr. Alexandre Hiricoiu
  • ANSYS on behalf of Infinite Simulation Systems BV

ANSYS and ProM established a partnership to explore the power of ANSYS AM Suite in real applications where costs and reliability of the printing process are critical such as in the design and production of Formula SAE car parts. We present the outcomes of the first joint work of validation and printing of a Steering Support with Additive Print, and the benefits of the adoption of Additive Print instead of the classical trial and error approach for Metal Additive Manufacturing. The work done included actual part printing and metrology measurements to quantify simulation vs experiment deviation: very good agreement with experimental measurements (+-0.23mm deformation and less than 0.5deg in angle distortion vs nominal shape) was found thanks to an accurate prediction of the printing process and the subsequent automatic calculation of the compensated geometry. The simulation approach allowed to print the right part in one burst.