• 15:05-15:30
  • Zaal 1
  • Presented by Sirris

Connected Machines

  • Jan Kempeneers
  • Sirris

Producing customized products in an efficient manner requires digitization on the shop floor. Connecting an heterogenous and existing machine pool is however not always straightforward and requires making a lot of choices. The Industrie4.0 boost is fuelling evolutions in communication protocols, semantic standardization and not in the least in creating awareness amongst the stakeholders. In the 4.0MadeReal demonstrator Sirris has imitated a production line for customized products with a typical pool of machines to be digitally connected, ranging from legacy machines without network capabilities, machines with network connectivity but no specific communication capability, to Industrie4.0-ready machines. In this lecture Sirris will elaborate on the questions which were encountered and the choices that were made during the realization of the 4.0MadeReal demonstrator at Sirris.