• 11:45-12:10
  • Genderfoyer

Printing a better World with Multi Material 3D Jetting

  • René van de Meer
  • Océ-Technologies BV

Within the Multi Material 3D field lab, Océ-Technologies is working with TNO AMSYSTEMS Center, NextDent (since 2017 3D Systems) and TNO Brightlands Materials Center on an approach to 3D print artificial coloured teeth for dentures and crowns.
Currently all dental 3D printers are mono colour. With our partners we are investigating the feasibility 3D printed realistic dental prostheses combining transparency and colour.
Our 3D printing technology makes it possible to 3D print multiple industrial grade materials. We call this technology Multi Material 3D jetting. We believe Océ MM3D jetting will revolutionize 3D printing,